Gliding through the water at Severin*s – The Alpine Retreat

Refresh and relax in Lech

A day in the Vorarlberg region is a day of exciting experiences. How nice to spoil yourself afterwards with active relaxation in the indoor swimming pool! At Severin*s, you can power down and decompress.

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Become as one with the watery element and let yourself become completely relaxed. Weightlessness takes the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to regain your energy. In our indoor swimming pool with counterflow and waterfall, you enjoy the recreation, but also take pleasure in movement.

Over a length of 12.5 m, you can dive down and glide through the invigorating water at an optimum temperature. And, if you wish to sit back and relax in between, our underwater bubble loungers and recliners are available for a break in the action.

12.5 m
Underwater bubble loungers
Counter-current system